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Queasy Stomach

Queasy stomach is a common stomach disorder that takes a toll on your body and makes you feel low. Stomach ailments can be major cause to affect your mood and daily activities. It makes you feel uneasy and can even turn into a rough experience. According to medical studies, queasy stomach after eating is one of the major chronic health ailments that a major percentage of people in the world suffer from. It is not only bad for health, but also increases your anxiety and adds to low self-esteem. Let us have an idea of the various cases of queasy stomach and how to get of this ailment.

Queasy stomach also comes with a range of health conditions, such as nausea, headache, irritable bowel movement, flatulence, gas formation, stomach ache, and lots more. All these factors, if taking place on a regular basis. Can wreak havoc on your body, and take away your peace of mind. A combination of medication and diet regime can be an effective cure for these complications. Add to it, you can have a regular exercise that can help your digestive systems and also lead to better metabolism. All these will help you get rid of this chronic ailment and get back to your better self soon.

Queasy stomach

What can Cause Queasy Stomach?

Irregular diet patterns

Queasy stomach is caused due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons why stomach feels queasy is due to irregular diet patterns. Our body has a definite and regular metabolic and digestive pattern, which is disrupted can cause stomach upset. If you have an irregular diet regime and eat during odd hours, it will lead to queasy stomach after eating. This is one reason why people who work in irregular work shifts, such as night shifts or graveyard shifts suffer from queasy stomach issues.Queasy stomach after eating can be understood from a range of symptoms like stomach ache, nausea, burning sensation in the heart, dry lips or saliva and so on. The acidic sensation in the stomach leads to other complications like burps, flatulence, bloating stomach and so on.


One of the major causes of queasy stomach is indigestion. It is also known as dyspepsia in medical terms. It causes discomfort in the upper part of the abdomen. Sometimes, indigestion also causes queasy stomach in the morning. This morning discomfort is mainly caused due to improper functioning of the pancreas, gallbladder, and bile ducts. If unchecked, such chronic queasy stomach can also lead to peptic ulcer, gastro esophageal reflux disease, or even liver cancer.


High levels of acid formation in the abdomen are a major reason for queasy stomach. Acidity causes symptoms like nausea, heartburn, and so on. Some of the reasons why acidity takes place are consumption of fried food, smoking, less drinking of water, skipping meals, and so on. In most cases, acidity also leads to vomiting or vomiting sensation. Until all the acid in stomach comes out, a person can suffer from frequently vomiting episodes. Add to this, the patient can also have stomach brawls or irregular bowel. Someone, queasy stomach gives way to dry heaving. In this condition,  stomach tries to remove all the food or acid contents even after it has been emptied through vomiting.


Dysmotility is another reason why the stomach feels queasy. In this situation, muscles of digestive system do not function in the right manner. This affects bowel movements and secretion of digestive enzymes, and therefore leads to queasy stomach. You feel an uneasy and acidic feeling in your stomach,  also have flatulence and irregular bowel movements. It can also lead stomach bloating, and if unchecked, can create accumulation of fat and cause obesity or high cholesterol ailments. Some of the main causes why this disorder occurs are excessive alcohol consumption, irregular eating during late night, frequent consumption of spicy and oily food that are hard to digest.

Abnormality of Esophagel Sphincter

Abnormal behavior in the esophageal sphincter is also the reason for why stomach feels queasy. This prevents digestive enzymes to properly secrete and stomach directly regurgitates acid to esophagus. Patients who suffer from this disorder have burning sensation in upper abdomen, nausea, blocked throat sensation, and so on. Eating food high in oil or fat content, less water consumption, and irregular dieting are the main reasons for this.

Pregnant conditions

Morning sickness, a common pregnancy related condition among women also causes queasy stomach in the morning. It creates stomach upset, followed by nausea and vomiting. It mainly occurs in early hours of morning. Sometimes, stomach feels queasy before periods among women. Around 2 women out of 4 suffer from this complication.

Remedies to cure Queasy Stomach

Rest and drink water

Firstly, if you seem to suffer from queasy stomach, you need to lie down for a period of time. This will improve the digestive and metabolic situation of the body and reduce the effect of stomach upset. Also, drinking lots of waters removes acidic content from the stomach, and provides a soothing effect. Water is a natural anti-oxidant that improves the secretion of digestive enzymes in the bowels, and reduces the ailments where stomach feels queasy. Moreover it improves regular bowel movement. It also improves the saliva formation that aids digestion of the food and creates more enzymes.


You need to know the right way how to soothe a queasy stomach. You can use a range of natural ingredients like peppermint that provides a calming effect on queasy stomach and makes you feel better. Peppermint is considered to be an effective cure for stomach ache, nausea and vomiting. It also reduces acid formation in the stomach.


If you are suffering from queasy stomach due to indigestion, gas or irregular bowel movement, you can have ginger. It consists of anti-oxidants that improve secretion of digestive enzymes that reduces indigestion or irregular bowel movements.


Those suffering from gas or acid formation can try soda, lemonade and other carbonated liquids like soft drinks. They are quite effective in eradicating the symptoms related to queasy stomach after eating.


There are quite a lot of medication too that help in providing relief against queasy stomach. There are lots of antacids that can be tried out. Most of these are over the counter drugs that can be bought without a prescription. In addition, there are digestive powders and drinks that help in enhancing the digestive level of the body. If you have consumed heavy food, it is recommended that you take antacid as it will prevent indigestion or acid formation.

Balanced diet

As prevention is always better than cure, you need to maintain a proper diet regime to reduce the effects or occurrence of queasy stomach. As eating at odd hours is a major reason why the stomach feels queasy, you need to eat at regular intervals. Also, try not to skip meals and limit your diet to healthy food items. Avoid excessive oily and fried food, as they not only create stomach upset, but also lead to obesity and high cholesterol.

What to Eat on a Queasy Stomach?

As queasy stomach is a common ailment that most of us suffer from, we sometimes wonder what to eat in order to reduce its effects. By following a regular and balanced diet, and consuming the right kind of food that are healthy, we can easily do away with such health complication.

Let us see how to soothe a queasy stomach by knowing what to eat:

What foods to eat on queasy stomach?


They can be one of the best food items that are healthy and can help reduce queasy stomach after eating. There are lots of fruits, such as banana, guava, apples, and papaya that are considered very effective to cure stomach ailments. They consist of pectin that induces digestion and leads to better bowel movement and increased enzyme secretion. Also, fruits rich in fiber like raisins, cherries, apricots and prunes are quite effective to kill indigestion.


Yogurt is an effective ingredient that helps eradicate the feeling of queasy stomach. It prevents various symptoms of stomach upset like nausea, abdominal pain, and so on from taking place. It increases of acids that increase the growth of good bacteria in the bladder, which induce better digestion.

Juices and Liquids

For expectant mothers who have the complication of queasy stomach in the morning, consuming fruit juices, mint team carrot shakes, or ciders can be effective. They are quite a handful to fight stomach issues during pregnancy or during periods.

Other eatables

In addition to these, there are some more food items that can be effective in fighting queasy stomach. Although sounds surprising, but burnt toasts are considered to be very good against reducing acid formation in the stomach. In the similar way, caraway seeds are quite useful in reducing the growth of bad acids and bacteria that cause indigestion. Having caraway seeds on a regular basis prevents ailments like stomach bloating, gas, nausea, and so on.By maintaining a balanced and regular diet, added with proper medication, you can easily say bye to the problem of queasy stomach.

Queasy Stomach
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