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Snot Like Discharge

Snot like discharge is a mucus-like discharge from the body. It usually happens in the form of vaginal discharge in women. The inner lining of the vagina is covered in mucus which shields it from infections and also keeps it lubricated to prevent dryness. The usual discharge is clear and does not have a very strong smell. But in cases of infections, this discharge changes color. Apart from the vaginal discharge, there is a possibility of some snot like discharge in the stools. It is so because the inner lining of digestive system consists of a layer of mucus. There is a slight discharge of mucus every time when you pass stool. However, if this increases, this shows that there is some problem with the digestive system of a person. There can be many reasons for the snot like discharge both in men and women.

Causes of Snot like discharge

snot like discharge in women

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is very common in all the adult women. It is a clear jelly like discharge that is off white or white in color and is usually seen when the body undergoes various hormonal changes. There are some glands in the cervix and also the vagina that are responsible for producing this fluid. The snot-like discharge from the vagina is very common. In fact, if a woman has vaginal discharge that is clear or off-white in color daily, it means that she is healthy. Female reproductive organs are responsible for cleaning themselves and also keeping them healthy. The vaginal discharge is the after cleaning product of the vagina. The texture, odor and the color of the snot like discharge are the factors that decide whether it is normal or there is any disease associated with it. This discharge can be because of reasons such as pregnancy, some sexually transmitted diseases, infections or other issues.

If the discharge is more frequent but is clear and stretchy, it is an indicator that the woman is ovulating. This is the way the body keeps the vagina lubricated for the fertilization to happen. This discharge is more than normal, but does not have any extra odor or color. This is completely normal in a healthy female and is a great sign for the women that are trying to conceive.

After a few days of the ovulation, there is usually a thicker and creamier discharge. This is odorless and does not itch or burn. This is an indication that a woman has reached the end of her menstruation cycle and is about to have her periods.

The major reason for the snot like discharge in a woman is the pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant, there is a thick and heavy discharge in the beginning which is usually the first indicator of the pregnancy. The discharge usually increases during pregnancy to prevent any infection that might travel up to the womb and harm the developing fetus. This usually ends after first eight weeks and starts again by the end of pregnancy.

If you have a snot like thick discharge and the mucus looks unpleasant with a fishy odor, this can be the symptom of a bacterial infection known as the bacterial vaginosis. The mucus is also accompanied with a burning sensation in the vaginal area. Apart from the bacterial infection, there is a huge chance of you getting other sexually transmitted diseases. In the sexually transmitted diseases, the vaginal discharge is usually thick, snot-like and also has a rotten odor.

In the case of yeast infection, there is a pungent snot like discharge and also a burning sensation in the vaginal area which keeps getting worse with time.

With the Stools

There is some amount of snot like discharge that comes out in every healthy person’s stool. Only some alterations in the diet or some illness cause the color and the amount of the discharge to change and increase. The common reasons for the snot like discharge in a person’s stools are:

Bacterial infections: Bacterial infections are the main cause of snot like discharge in the stools of a person. Bacteria like Salmonella, Yersinia, Shigella, and Campylobacter are responsible for causing many bacterial diseases that often lead to diarrhea, fever, nausea etc. The snot like discharge that comes out with the stools is very thick and also large in amount. The gut wall has a lot of mucus and if it is irritated, an even bigger quantity of mucus is produced.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: This may increase the production of mucus in the bowels and also increases the risk of diarrhea. The Irritable Bowel Syndrome is of two types: Diarrhea predominant and constipation predominant. So the snot like discharge happens in diarrhea predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Anal Fissures: Anal fissures means a fissure or a tear in the rectum especially in the lower part. This might happen due to prolonged diarrhea or constipation or other bowel problems. The anal fissures although cause some snot like discharge, there is another issue known as the ulcers that cause a lot of mucus loss in the stools. The symptoms of the ulcers are the same as anal fissures but they happen in the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract leading to the mucus loss from there.

Diet: Some diet changes or food allergies are also the reason for the mucus in the stool. The food allergies like lactose intolerance or allergies to specific nuts are the ones leading to the snot like discharge. This discharge may be accompanied by diarrhea, rashes and bloating. Sometimes there is a pain in the abdominal area as well. Any increase in the mucus in the stools should be taken seriously and immediate medical attention should be sought.


There are a lot of reasons for the snot like discharge from the body. Each reason has its own treatment. Any extra discharge from the body should be considered serious and should be checked with the doctor.

For example, if there is an abnormal vaginal discharge that is green or yellow in color and has a pungent smell in a sexually active female, it should be immediately checked for sexually transmitted diseases. If they are not sexually active, then this might be the case of a bacterial or a yeast infection that can be easily cured by the antibiotics. The doctors will usually run a few blood tests and some vaginal examinations to confirm what sort of an infection you are suffering from and give you the medicines accordingly. The most important thing to note is that some sexually transmitted diseases cannot be completely cured like herpes and AIDS; so, it is better to be safe than find a cure to the problem.

During the pregnancy, if there is a discharge, it is completely normal if it is odorless and colorless. But if there is some sort of pungent odor and color to the discharge, then medical diagnosis should be sought. This might be an indication of infection that must have traveled to the uterus and might possibly harm the developing embryo. Do not take any over the counter medicines in case of an urinary tract infection because sometimes this may even worsen the conditions. The UTIs are so common in the women that every infection is usually mistaken for it.

In the case of the snot like discharge in the stools, you might be suffering from a bacterial infection or ulcers. A stool test is done by the doctor along with some blood tests to confirm the underlying issue. The food intolerance is also a major reason behind the snot like discharge. All these are usually treated with antibiotics and some changes in the food habits. Eating a well-balanced diet and not consuming any allergens can be helpful in treating all kinds of stomach ailments and keeping the bowel movements healthy.

Snot Like Discharge
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