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Dizzy When Bending Over

Dizzy when bending over is a situation in which a person feels light headed every time they bend down or suddenly get up from that position. This condition is fairly common in people and can be the reason for a lot of underlying problems. There are a few different types of dizziness namely vertigo, lightheadedness and disequilibrium.

Vertigo happens when a person suddenly feels as if he is moving even though there is no actual motion. It may feel like the body is spinning round and round and then it suddenly stops. This is usually because of an imbalance in fluid of the inner ear.

Lightheadedness happens when a person stands up too fast or breathes too deep continuously. The person feels as if they will faint and fall down. However, the feeling goes away in a few seconds. Disequilibrium is a problem that happens while walking. In this condition, the person might feel unsteady and might get misbalanced.

Is it normal to get dizzy when bending over?

Dizziness in some cases can be totally normal and is the body’s natural response to an unexpected situation. But, the frequency in feeling dizzy can be a sign of some bigger problem. Our balance is totally controlled by the brain and the central nervous system. Any problem in balancing the body indicates that there is a problem in these two main systems of our body. Dizziness, if accompanied by nausea, fever or weakness can be harmful and should be checked with the doctor as soon as possible. It can either be a onetime thing or it can be chronic. Also, the seriousness of the situation can be determined by how long it lasts. If the dizziness happens less frequently and for smaller periods of time then, it is normal. But, if it happens regularly and the person remains in the state for a longer period of time, then it can be a character of something serious.

What Causes Dizziness when bending over

reasons for feeling dizzy when bending over

There are lots of causes for a person feeling dizzy when bending over. Some of these can be treated immediately and some might take some time. The reasons are:


Feeling dizzy while bending over can be caused by being severely dehydrated. This happens especially on very hot days. The fluid in the body accumulates in the lower part and throws you off balance when you suddenly straighten up. To check whether you are dehydrated, see if you are urinating less often and the color of the urine is yellow.


The blood needs iron to supply oxygen to various parts of the body including the brain. Oxygen is the main source of energy production in the body. If oxygen does not reach the brain in a timely fashion, the person might start feeling lightheaded. Many women suffer from anemia and are unaware of it. The deficiency of iron in the blood is known as anemia and causes low hemoglobin count, that in turn results in low oxygen supply and hence dizziness.

Inner Ear Problems

Vertigo is the biggest reason for a person feeling dizzy when bending over. Inner ear is one of the organs that help the body move properly and stay balanced. The backward and forward motion is controlled by the inner ear. When there is a problem in the signals of the brain to the inner ear, vertigo happens. It can be caused by some other causes as well like Meniere’s disease, viral infection, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and migraine.

In the case of viral infection, the vestibular nerve is harmed which results in loss in the sense of balance and hearing in some cases. In the Meniere’s disease a huge amount of fluids gets accumulated in the inner ear leading to vertigo. The person also might feel loss in hearing, ringing in the ear and plugging of the ear. Migraine on the other hand is usually characterized by severe pain in the head. There can be vertigo like situation during the headache or otherwise.

Poor Blood Circulation

Proper circulation is very important for oxygen to reach the brain on time. Any problems in the blood circulation like low systolic blood pressure or poor blood circulation due to other heart related issues can cause a person to feel dizzy while bending over.Dizziness is the first sign of any heart related problems and if ignored can turn into heart attack or transient heart attack.


If the person does not have any medical conditions, he might want to check his stress levels. When a person is stressed, the breathing tends to get faster and shorter. This leads the arteries to contract and less blood flows to the brain. If the toes and fingers feel numb with dizziness, it might be because of stress.


Hypothyroidism is a dysfunction in the thyroid gland that can affect the functioning of the inner ear. It can also result in low systolic blood pressure causing less blood circulation in the brain which in turn causes dizziness. Keeping the thyroid levels in check with medicines can be very helpful.

Hormonal Imbalance

In menopausal pregnant and menstruating women a lot of hormonal changes take place. These hormonal changes affect the functioning of the inner ear. The imbalance in the inner ear leads to the person feeling dizzy while bending over. This is very common in the case of pregnant women who sometime are also anemic.

Reaction to Drugs

There are certain medicines that do not easily adjust with the body and cause side effects such as dizziness. This usually goes within a few days or a week, but if the problem persists, consult your doctor to change the medication or lower the daily dosage.

Food Habits

If a person constantly keeps skipping meals or crash diets, their body’s sugar levels might drop drastically. The drop in the blood sugar levels may lead to dizziness and also weakness.

Natural Treatments

If you are feeling dizzy when bending over, doing these things might help you recover from it.

  • Drink water: Drinking water or fluids can help you cope up with dehydration which is one of the biggest reason for dizziness. Sit down and take your time to drink water or some sports drink. There is a lot of chance that this will work.
  • Lie down: If you feel dizzy because of suddenly bending over, lying down on the flat surface for a little time can be really helpful in bringing back your body’s balance. Also, you might be in a danger of falling down at the times you feel dizzy during standing or sitting.
  • Take deep breaths: Dizziness is caused by the lack of oxygen in the blood. So, take a few deep breaths and let yourself calm down before resuming your work.
  • Eat: If you have been skipping meals and your sugar level has dropped, eating something with carbohydrates or glucose in it can be very helpful and show immediate effects. In addition to this, eating healthy foods and not starving yourself is very important. If anemia is the cause for feeling dizzy, taking iron supplements or eating iron rich food is essential.
  • Avoid bright lighting: Bright lights can cause migraines and increase the dizziness. So, avoiding bright fluorescent lights is advisable. As soon as you start feeling dizzy, go to a place that has dim light and rest for a while.

In addition to these small things, treating the underlying cause of the problem is very important. If the dizziness is accompanied with vomiting, severe headache, fever etc., medical assistance should be sought immediately.

Dizzy When Bending Over
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