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Sun Blisters on Lips

When summer comes, everyone wants just one thing and that is to go out and enjoy the sun. However, not everyone takes into account the risk that comes with sun exposure. Prolonged and constant exposure to the sun – whether by choice or as occupational hazard – can lead to sunburns. This is especially valid if you are fair skinned, as you present an increased risk for getting burned. The lips can be affected by the sunburns, the overexposure leading to the appearance of sun blisters on lips.

There are many people who apply sunscreen on the skin before going out, without taking the lips into consideration. If the skin is sensitive to the sun, which means that the lips are just as sensitive. One will need to use a lip balm with a high SPF (sun protection factor), in order to avoid getting sun blisters on the lips. The damage done by the UV rays can range from mild to severe, this depending on the amount of exposure and the type of skin. As it was already mentioned, fair skinned people present a higher risk for such problems. Sun blisters appear often after severe sunburns.

Causes of Sun Blisters on Lips

The main cause that leads to the appearance of sun blisters on lips is prolonged or constant sun exposure. This is especially valid for people who are fair skinned or for those who have to work outdoors during the summer. Triggering factors include dehydration, the lack of lip balm and the existence of sunburns to have caused blisters on the lips in the past. Avoiding sun exposure, especially during the hours when the sun shines the most, is the best way to ensure the protection against sunburns and sun blisters on the lips. Applying just sunscreen, without protecting the lips, will lead to blisters caused by the UV rays.


Sun blisters on lips can benefit from the following treatment solutions, measures and remedies:

  • Anti-inflammatory medication (acetaminophen, ibuprofen)
    • Pain relief
    • Reduces inflammation and the sensation of discomfort
  • Cooling gel – direct application on the sunburned lips
    • Aloevera
    • Camphor
    • Menthol
  • Corticosteroid cream
    • Direct application on the lips
    • Recommended only in the situation of a severe sunburn
    • The treatment cannot be pursued for prolonged periods of time, otherwise it will lead to side-effects
  • Antihistamines
    • Topical application
    • Reduce inflammation
  • Antibiotic ointment
    • Reduces the risk of bacterial infection

Measures to improve the condition

  • Avoid further exposure to the sun, thus giving the blisters on the lips the necessary time to heal
  • Avoid applying lipstick to the lips; the skin needs to be free and clean, in order for the blisters to subside. Keep in mind that most lip care products contain petroleum, which will make your condition worse, prolonging the healing period
  • Avoid breaking the blisters, as you will only increase the risk for secondary bacterial infections
  • As one cannot put a bandage on the lips, it is for the best to avoid substances that might have an irritating effect on the lips
  • Keep the area dry and clean
  • Use antiseptic wipes in order to ensure that no harmful substances are present in the area of the blisters
  • Don’t clean the area with rubbing alcohol or iodine, as these will only make the condition worse, causing a lot of pain and discomfort
  • Avoid applying ice directly to the blistered lips, or you will make the condition worse.

Home remedies


  • Take an aloe vera leaf, break it in two and apply the juice coming out directly on the lips
  • Soothing effect, reduces the discomfort and brings pain relief
  • Allows for the suffering skin to be hydrated

Cold compress

  • Pain relief
  • Reduces inflammation

Vinegar – apple cider/white

  • Absorb the heat from the lips
  • Reduces the sensation of burning
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Application suggestions – diluted with water or mixed with honey
  • Can be applied as spray as well


  • Antiseptic properties – prevents secondary infections
  • Application suggestions – paste:
    • Turmeric + water
    • Turmeric powder + yogurt + barley
  • The application should be maintained about half an hour, then rinsed with cold water
  • Repeat application at least once a day
  • Pain relief + reduction of inflammation


  • Tomato juice – best cure against blisters on the lips caused by sunburn
  • The application should be left on for about half an hour, then rinsed with cold water
  • Best application – cold tomato juice/mixed with ice chips
  • Pain relief
  • Reduces the burning sensation
  • Promotes faster healing

Are Sun blisters on lips contagious?

The sun blisters on the lips are caused by the exposure of the sun and not by infectious agents. Given the fact that no infectious agent is involved in their appearance, they are not considered contagious. However, if the blisters break for any reason and a secondary infection occurs (either bacterial or viral), then they might become contagious when touched. It is for the best that you avoid breaking them or, if it happens that they break, that you keep their top to protect the area. Treat secondary infections with antibiotics or antiviral medication, making sure that no one touches them.

How long do Sun blisters on lips last?

The healing period depends on how severe the sunburn has been in the first place. Usually, the skin starts to regenerate and heal in a couple of days. If the sunburn was more severe, then the blisters will subside and the skin will heal in a couple of weeks. During the healing period, it is highly important that you maintain excellent hygiene and avoid touching the lips. If you do not follow this advice, then you will only manage to prolong the healing period. Also, be sure to refrain from applying lipstick or heavy lip balms, as these will prolong the healing period as well. Try to keep your lips free of any products until they are all better. After the skin has healed, you can start using them again without worries.


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Sun Blisters on Lips
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