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White Bump on Eyelid

What does White bump on Eyelid mean?

If you notice a white bump on your eyelid, the first thing that you need to do is not to panic. There are many reasons that can lead to such modifications and the most important thing is that you identify the right cause. Once you have succeeded in doing that, you can discover the right treatment or try out certain remedies. Keep in mind that the white bump can range from small in size (barely noticeable) to a larger, obvious size. This will help the doctor identify the cause.

As it was already said, the white bump can be anything, ranging from a pimple to a fatty deposit. Sometimes, the area around the white bump is red and swollen. It can be painful to the touch and it can lead to the eyelid closing with difficult. In other cases, the white bump is present between the eyelashes, increasing in size as the infection progresses. If the white bump on the eyelid is actually caused by a fatty deposit, then it will not modify in size but you will need to visit the doctor. A specialist can help you identify whether there is an underlying condition causing the modifications or not.

There is one more thing that you should know about the white bump on eyelid. If it is caused by an infection, then it means it may have something to do with inadequate hygiene. Touching the eye with the dirty hand can lead to infection, just like sharing towels with another person.

Causes of White Bump on Eyelid

These are the most common causes that lead to the appearance of white bumps on the eyelid:

  • Bacterial infection
    • Most often – staphylococcal infection
    • Apart from the white bump, the area is red and swollen
    • Tenderness to the touch is present
    • The white bump is actually represented by pus
    • Different size, according to how severe the infection is
  • Clogged oil gland (chalazion)
    • White bump appears on the eyelid – resembles a cyst
  • Accumulation of dead skin cells (milia)
    • Most often in small children, especially newborns
    • The white bump is small in size, but has a solid texture
    • Can also appear in adults, after prolonged exposure to the sun or trauma
  • Fatty deposits (xanthelasma)
    • Consequence of aging
    • Do not cause additional symptoms
    • Can indicate that the bad cholesterol level is too high
  • Infection with HPV (papilloma)
    • Appear on the eyelid after an infection with HPV
    • Most people require treatment for aesthetic reasons
    • They can grow large in size, requiring surgical removal, especially if they affect vision
  • Eyelid cyst
    • Benign modification
    • May require excision and drainage if it grows too large
  • Allergies
    • If exposed to allergenic substances, then a white bump can appear on the eyelid, among other modification
    • If the eyelid becomes swollen and there are other modifications, such as constriction in the throat, then emergency treatment might be necessary (epi-pen).


These are the most common courses of treatment, depending on the cause of the white bump present on the eyelid:

  • Bacterial infection
    • Broad-spectrum antibiotics
    • The antibiotics can be prescribed for topical administration (antibiotic ointment) or orally (if the infection is more severe)
    • The antibiotics should be taken for as long as they are prescribed, otherwise the bacteria will develop resistance
  • Clogged oil glands
    • Excision and drainage
    • Antibiotics to prevent secondary infections
  • Milia
    • They clear by themselves
    • No treatment is necessary
  • Fatty deposits
    • May be reduced in number and size, if the right treatment is administered to lower cholesterol levels
  • HPV infection
    • Surgical removal is recommended in case the bump becomes too large in size, obstructing vision
  • Eyelid cyst
    • Surgical excision and drainage are recommended for faster healing
    • Antibiotics might be recommended in order to prevent secondary bacterial infections
  • Allergies
    • Antihistamines can relieve the symptoms of allergies, reducing inflammation and the size of the bump


These are the most common remedies and measures recommended for white bump on the eyelid:

  • Warm compress on the eyelid
    • Can reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the bump on the eyelid
    • Repeat the application several times a day
  • Cold compress
    • This is recommended when the area is warm to the touch
    • Applying a cold compress will cause the constriction of blood vessels, reducing the inflammation
    • Avoid applying ice directly to the skin or you will make the condition even worse
  • If the white bump represents a collection of pus, avoid squeezing it or you will only make the infection worse
  • Do not apply makeup until the infection subsides
  • Refrain from using contact lenses during the healing period
  • Throw out an old makeup, as this might contain a lot of germs that have caused by the problem in the first place
  • Avoid touching the area with the hands. If you need to touch it, then make sure you wash your hands thoroughly
  • During the treatment period, make sure that you keep the area clean, washing it with antibacterial soap. After you wash the area, don’t rub vigorously, or you might aggravate the condition. Wipe it gently and refrain from using paper towels, as these can irritate the skin.
  • Do not share objects of personal hygiene with other people; a lot of bacteria and viruses are transmitted through.

In conclusion, having a white bump on the eyelid is not the end of the world. There are specific treatments that can be administered, just as there are home remedies that can help with the symptoms. Maintaining excellent hygiene is a must, especially if you suspect this way the initial cause of the problem. If the white bump is caused by an underlying condition, then make sure you get that taken care of and you will see that the bump will slowly disappear. The recovery period depends on the possibility of surgical removal; if no surgery is necessary, then healing will occur a lot faster.


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White Bump on Eyelid
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