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Natural Diuretics


What are Natural Diuretics?

In general, diuretics are prescribed to the patients who suffer from excess fluid accumulation in their bodies. They are administered as treatment, so as to improve the functioning of the kidneys. However, the majority of the prescription diuretics can cause a wide range of side-effects. This is where natural diuretics come in. These are recommended by the doctor as well, the main advantage being that they are 100% natural. This means that they will not cause any side-effects; the important thing is that you talk to your doctor about taking them, as excessive usage can lead to dehydration.

Natural diuretics are recommended to help the body get rid of all the excess fluid. They are indicated for patients who suffer from high blood pressure or congestive heart failure. They are also prescribed for patients who have been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, dysfunction of the kidneys or kidney stones. They can also reduce the excess fluids in patients with edema or diabetes. Natural diuretics are used, as you can see, as treatment for a wide range of medical problems. This is because they contain phytochemicals, which have diuretic properties. They stimulate the kidneys to produce more urine and thus eliminate the excess water.

List of Natural Diuretics

These are the most commonly recommended natural diuretics:

  • Lemon
    • Indicated for those who suffer from high blood pressure
    • Also useful for those who suffer from kidney dysfunctions or infections of the urinary tract
  • Oats
    • Diuretic properties
    • Perfect choice for breakfast
  • Celery
    • Can be consumed fresh or blended with other healthy vegetables as a smoothie
  • Brussels sprouts
    • Apart from their diuretic properties, Brussels sprouts also contain healthy antioxidants
    • They represent the perfect garnish to any meal, as they are both delicious to the taste and visually appealing
  • Ginger
    • Often recommended for detoxification purposes, given its diuretic properties
  • Beets
    • Beets not only have diuretic properties but they also contain healthy antioxidants
    • Fresh beets are recommended to be consumed (alternative – pickled)
  • Apple cider vinegar
    • Natural diuretic, improves the function of the kidneys
    • There are plenty of recipes that can benefit from the addition of apple cider vinegar
  • Cabbage
    • Cabbage soup has amazing diuretic properties
    • Cabbage salad is also a recommended choice
  • Cranberries
    • Most recommended – cranberry juice
    • Also contains healthy antioxidants
  • Eggplants
    • Perfect side dish, given its diuretic properties
  • Parsley
    • Perfect addition to any salad, has amazing diuretic effects
    • Contains healthy antioxidants
  • Caffeine
    • Although it has diuretic properties, one must consume it with care and in moderate quantities (otherwise, it can lead to dehydration)
  • Water
    • Drinking water will help you eliminate excess fluids in the body
    • Add lemon or ginger to the water for better effects
  • Tomatoes
    • Raw tomatoes have diuretic properties
    • Can also be consumed as juice
    • Contains healthy antioxidants – protection against cancer
  • Cucumber
    • Cucumbers contain a high percentage of water, which makes them perfect for someone who need a natural diuretic
    • They are often include in detoxification programs
    • Should be consumed fresh
    • Recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer
    • Contain healthy antioxidants and minerals that the body needs
  • Watermelon
    • Contains a high percentage of water, which makes it worthy of being a natural diuretic
    • Those who have high glucose levels should refrain from consuming watermelon, as this also contains high levels of sugar
  • Carrots
    • Baby carrots – perfect addition to a salad
    • Regular carrots – side dish to any meal
    • Carrot juice – amazing diuretic properties
  • Garlic
    • Diuretic properties
    • Can be included in a wide range of dishes
    • Also possesses antibacterial properties
  • Artichoke
    • Powerful diuretic properties
    • Often included in weight loss diets
    • Contains many healthy nutrients and vitamins
  • Asparagus
    • Can be used on account of its diuretic properties
    • Contains healthy antioxidants that are beneficial for the body
  • Dandelion
    • Diuretic properties – stimulates the functioning of the kidneys
    • Increases the frequency of the urination, helping with the elimination of the excess fluids
    • Best consumed – dandelion tea
  • Hawthorn
    • Powerful diuretic properties
    • Recommended for those who have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure
    • Increases urinary output, stimulating the functioning of the kidneys
  • Horsetail
    • Diuretic properties
    • Active stimulation of the kidneys
    • No side-effects
  • Juniper
    • Increases the volume of urine
    • No effect on the levels of potassium (unlike prescription diuretics)
  • Tea
    • Green and black tea – amazing diuretic properties
    • Successful elimination of excess fluids from the body
  • Hibiscus
    • The filtration of urine in the kidneys is increased
    • Significant diuretic properties of the hibiscus plant have been recorded
  • Pineapple
    • Natural diuretic
    • Fresh pineapple can help the kidney function
    • Pineapple juice is also recommended to be consumed for its diuretic properties
    • Africa – dried pineapple root – remedy for edema
  • Corn silk
    • Natural diuretic (rich in potassium)
    • Increases the rate of urine production, stimulating the kidneys
    • Contains active phytochemicals, which contribute to the elimination of excess fluid from the body
  • Stinging nettle
    • Diuretic properties – reduces the level of water retention in the body
    • High potassium content
    • Contains healthy antioxidants as well
    • Recommended in patients who have been diagnosed as having kidney stones
    • Also indicated in patients who suffer from gout-related edema

In conclusion, there are many fruits, vegetables and plants that can be used as natural diuretics. It is highly important to remember that simple water can also help with such problems and that one should never refrain from drinking water. The doctor can make the correct diagnosis and help the patient decide on the best diet with diuretic properties. Keep in mind that these natural diuretics can leave the body dehydrated and that one has to drink enough water to counteract this effect. It is for the best to choose a balanced diet and include the natural diuretics, following the advice of the doctor.

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