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Green Tea Diet

Green tea has been used since the ancient of times, given its wonderful properties in regard to the human metabolism and health. In more recent times, green tea has been proposed as a solution to losing weight. Today, the green tea diet is known all over the world, as one of the most efficient solutions for staying fit. The main advantage of the green tea diet is that the absorption of carbs is prevented, while the fat deposits stored in the body are more easily burnt. Green tea also contains healthy antioxidants, helping to the elimination of toxins from the body.

Unlike other diets, the green tea diet is not going to be difficult to follow, nor will it lead to side-effects or cause complications. As a matter of fact, the Chinese people drink a lot of green tea, as they are aware the active substances protect them against a wide range of medical conditions. No one says that the green tea diet will work wonders on its own. If you are interested in losing weight in an efficient manner, then you will have to think about the type of foods you include in your diet. Also, you will need to be more physically active and establish a regular working out routine.

Benefits of Green Tea Diet

green tea dietThese are the most common benefits of the green tea diet:

  • Blood circulation is improved – the blood is made thinner, thus preventing the blood clots from forming
  • Cholesterol levels are reduced down to a normal level
  • Improves memory and concentration, having a stimulating effect on the brain
  • Keeps the arteries clean, preventing the formation of fatty deposits on the interior walls
  • Helps with the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Maintains blood sugar down to a stable level, especially in those who have been diagnosed with diabetes
  • May destroy cancer cells (still in the research phase)
  • Boosts metabolism, increasing the fat-burning process
  • Helps with toxin elimination, as it contains powerful antioxidants
  • Breaks down fatty deposits, promoting weight loss
  • If you are already working out, then you should know the green tea diet can help you burn more fat, thus increasing the efficiency of the exercising routine
  • While the weight loss process is supported very little by the green tea diet, it is important to understand that the active ingredients can help a person eliminate the fats that surround the internal organs (most dangerous)

How to follow the Green Tea Diet

If you are keen on following the green tea diet, then should start by selecting the highest quality green tea. Keep in mind that green tea loses its antioxidant properties if stored for too long, so do not delay starting the diet.

These are the following steps that you need to take for your green tea diet:

  • Start your morning with a cup of green tea. You can drink it warm or add some ice cubes to it, making it a delicious ice tea. Either way you decide to consume it, it will provide you with a boost of energy to start your day. Plus, it contains healthy antioxidants, allowing you to eliminate toxins.
  • Before you eat breakfast, be sure to drink another cup of tea. You can have a big, nutritious breakfast, without worrying that you are going to add extra pounds. The green tea will activate your metabolism. Plus, all the tea that you have drunk before the breakfast will make you feel full.
  • Just before lunch, have your third cup of tea. It will deliver the same set of advantages like the one you had before breakfast. It will make you feel full, thus helping you eat less. Plus, it will activate your metabolism, contributing to the fat burning process. There is one more thing that you should know. The human body is designed in such a way that it comes drowsy after lunch. Drinking green tea will give the boost of energy that you need to stay alert during the remaining hours of work.
  • Before dinner, have your fourth cup of tea. It will help you burn the fat and keep your metabolism activated.
  • You can have as much green tea as you want. In fact, experts recommend drinking a cup of green tea instead of eating a snack.
  • Keep in mind that green tea has diuretic properties and you will need to drink plenty of water as well, in order to avoid dehydration.
  • Green tea might keep you awake if you consume it just before you go to bed. The best way is to use green tea leaves as such: brew them in the morning for antioxidants and the maximum amount of energy. After they have infused, take them out of the water and dry them. Use them again in the afternoon, obtaining antioxidants and a lower quantity of energy. Repeat the drying process and avoiding leaving them in contact with air. In the evening, brew them for the third time. This time you will only get the healthy antioxidants.

How does the green tea diet work?

If you are wondering how does the green tea diet work, then you should think about the benefits that were presented above. First of all, it is believed that the stimulating effect of the green tea contributes to weight loss. This supposition is still in the phase of research.

This particular diet is often recommended as the green tea contains healthy antioxidants. These work by neutralizing free radicals, thought to be responsible for cancer and other illnesses appearing in different organs or systems. Apart from that, green tea is known to activate the metabolism, giving it a boost. The antioxidants have many amazing effects, lowering the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol and reducing the risk for heart disease or stroke.

If you suffer from diabetes, then you should talk to your doctor about the possibility to follow the green tea diet. Provided there are no contraindications, the green tea diet will work by helping you keep the glucose level under control. This is achieved by controlling the carbs’ absorption. Also, if you are worried about having too big of an appetite, you can consider green tea as a solution to reduce it. It is believed that, by having an effect on the appetite, the green tea promotes weight loss.

Green tea is available as such or as extract. Experts in the field recommend that green tea should be consumed as such, making sure that a few things are taken into consideration. For example, the temperature for green tea should vary between 160° and 170°. If you use boiling water, you will ruin its beneficial properties, as the antioxidants are harmed by this temperature. Also, if you want to make sure that the green tea is best absorbed, you should consume it with lemon. The vitamin C contained in the lemon will promote the absorption of the green tea and all of its antioxidants. Avoid consuming dairy products, as these will have exactly the opposite effect. Also, make sure that you do not leave the green tea leaves in the water for too long, otherwise the tea will taste bitter and you will not be able to drink it. The recommended time for green tea is somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes.

Are there are any side-effects?

As with any type of diet, it is for the best to be informed about potential side-effects before starting it. In the following lines, you will find several precautions that you need to take, in order to make sure that the diet remains 100% efficient.

Green tea:

  • Contains a substance similar to caffeine, which means if you are sensitive to caffeine, you will be to green tea as well. Consumed in large quantities, it can make you feel agitated, it will cause difficulty sleeping and it might even lead to heart palpitations. Controlling the amount of green tea that you drink is the key.
  • Just like caffeine, green tea acts as a diuretic. This means that it will stimulate your bowel movements, leading to more frequent stools. It is for the best to limit your intake of green tea to a level that works out for you.
  • Is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. For the first situation, high quantities of green tea can lead to birthing defect, especially those that are related to the neural tube. For those who are breastfeeding, keep in mind that green tea contains a caffeine-like substance and it transmits to the baby through the breast milk.
  • Reduces the absorption of iron. If you suffer from anemia, then it is for the best to talk to your doctor about the risks of starting a green tea diet. Only the doctor can decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks of such a diet.
  • Can stain the teeth. Drinking green tea is known to stain your teeth, so if you are starting the green tea diet, be sure to pay a visit to the dentist as well. He/she will provide a professional cleaning and you will make sure that your teeth are pearly white.

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