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Senile Dementia

What is Senile Dementia? This is a mental condition where your brain cells begin to degenerate. It is not to be confused with senility in…


What is Neurosyphilis? This medical condition is the infection of your spinal cord or brain. The people who are usually affected by this disease are…

Central Pontine Myelinolysis

Central pontine myelinolysis can be defined as a medical condition, in which the myelin sheath of the nerve cells in the brainstem become severely damaged….

Subdural Hygroma

Definition – What is Subdural Hygroma? A general hygroma is a capsule that is filled with fluid and is surrounded by a layer of fibrous…


What is Gliosis? Gliosis is the reactive response of the glial cells in the central nervous system following a trauma or injury to the brain….

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